Tractor Implements – Border Disc for Sale in Nigeria

Border Disc

Border Disc Tractor Implement

A tractor mounted implement ideal for your farm to make

  1. Field Boundaries
  2. Temporary irrigation ridges
  3. Levies for Checking Soild and Water Erosion

It can also be used for earthing-up the plants sown in rows like Potatos, Sugar Cane etc., to ensure better root system.

The size and shape of bunds/ridges can be varied simply by repositioning the disc clamps on tool bar and rotating the disc bodies relative to clamps.


Disc Size: 26” diameter
HP requirement: Above 50 HP
Disc Angle tilt adjustable
Border width adjustable
Suitable for all tractors with 3 point linkages
Heavy duty tubular Square Section tool bar can make up to 18” high boundary

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Cotton Ridger for Sale in Africa

Cotton Ridger (Multi Purpose)

Cotton Ridger Tractor Implements

Multi purpose (multi crops) inters row cultivator ridger without fertilizer attachment.
Suitable for cotton, sugar cane, maize & potato crops.


Power Source 60-70 HP Tractors.
No. of Tines 9 Nos.
Type Hydraulic
Provision for Adjustment A. Tines DepthB. Row Spacing
Overall Length 90 inches
Overall Height 43 inches
Overall Width 36 inches
Overall Length (max) 80 inches

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Buy Disc Plough for Nigeria


Disc Plough
Used for deep ploughing in root-infested, sticky, stony, and hard soils. Mixes remains of crops and
weeds throughout the depth of ploughing , hence ideal for rain-fed areas for checking soil erosion by
water and wind.
1. Frame Type: Tubular Seamless Steel Pipe
2. Number of Furrow: 2,2+1, 3,3+1, 4,4+1, 5
3. Furrow Width: 254 mm
4. Max. Working Depth: 300 mm
5. Longitudinal Clearance: 522 mm
6. Furrow Wheel Dia: 508 mm
7. Plain Discs: 660 mm-inside or outside bevel
8. Bearings: Taper Roller
9. Weight: 360 kg (3 Furrow)
10. Tractor Compatibility: Above 50 hp

Front Blade for Sale in Nigeria

Front Blade


Front Blade Tractor Implements


1. Power dozer to fit MF-240, 260, 375, 385 tractors
2. Blade Model MT-08/1 = 6` x 22″ – (Single ram)
3. Cutting Edge 152mm (6″) x 12.7mm (1/2″) section high carbon alloy steel reversible and replaceable.
4. Hydraulic Ram Heavy duty, double acting
5. Control Valve Open center double acting spool valve
6. Blade Movement Maximum lift 533 mm (21″). Maximum depth below ground 102mm (4″).

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