Offset Disc Harrow for Sale in Nigeria

The Offset Disc Harrow has a heavier weight per Disc and thus have the penetration ability to break down large clods normally left after disc ploughing or Chisel Ploughing in hard grounds. It is robust construction, used as mounted or trailed and ideal for chopping and mixing of stubbles and crop residues in the soils.
.Offset Disc Harrow Tractor Implements


1. Model OTI-03 OTI-03
2. No. of Discs 14 Discs 16 Discs
3. Disc Size 61 cm (24″) 61 cm (24″)
4. Weight 590 Kgs 685 Kgs
5. Working Width 145 cm (57″) 167.5 cm (66″)
6. Tractor Compatibility 50 HP 60-85 HP

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Tractor Implements – Rear Blade for Sale in Nigeria

Rear Blade

.Tractor Implements - Rear Blade


1. Mounting construction: Category 1, three-point linkage entirely steel frame, Reversible high carbon steel cutting edge.
2. Blade Angle: Adjustable 0° to 70° in two increments to either side and similarly with blade facing rearward.
3. Blade pitch: Adjustable from 0° to 40°
4. Blade Width: 7 ft.
5. Overall length 5 ft. (with grader wheel)
6. Weight 170 kg
7. Accessories: Grader wheel kit
8. Tractor Compatibility: 35- 85 hp

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Corn Harvester for Sale in Nigeria

Corn Harvester

Corn Harvester Tractor Implement

Corn harvester of a line adaptable to tractors with minimum power of 65 HP. It harvests, unpacks the straw, threshes, cleans, stores and transports the harvested corn to the transport vehicle. Equipped with collector chute with adjustable height, system of rollers that harvest and separate the corncobs leading them to the endless worm. The axial trailing system unpacks the straw and threshes, separating the grains, leading them to the head with registers for air regulation. It has a granary with capacity of 730 liters, hydraulic command driven discharge chute, support wheel and tire 700 x 16 – 10 canvases. The tractor coupling system is carried out through bumper developed in accordance with the brand and model of the tractor.

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Rice Thresher for Sale in Nigeria

Rice Thresher

Rice Thresher Tractor Implement

The thresher is operated like conventional wheat thresher by tractor PTO. Its threshing mechanism is based on well-known axial-flow system. The crop is fed into the machine from one end. During the process, the grains are separated and fall down on vibrating sieves where they receive air blow for cleaning. The clean grains are discharged at main grain outlet. The left over un-threshed material is recycled through the threshing drum with the help of an auger conveyor.


Length: 330 cm
Width: 187 cm
Height: 181 cm

Threshing Cylinder:

Length: 181 cm
Diameter: 49 cm
Type: Peg-tooth
Threshing System Axial Flow
Cleaning system: Centrifugal Blower

Performance Parameters:

Grain Output: 1.5-2 tons/hr
Cleaning Efficiency: 99%
Grain Breakage: Almost Nil
Power Requirement: 65 HP Tractor
Labor Requirement: Four persons
PTO Speed: 540 RPM
Fuel Consumption: 7 – 7.5 Liter/hr

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