Hydraulic Tipping Trailer For Sale

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

Hydraulic Trippin Trailer Tractor Implements


4 Ton
5 Ton
8-10 Ton
Vessel Size
10` X 6.5` X 2`
11` X 6.5` X 2`
12` X 7` X2.5`
MS Sheet SWG 10
Side Wall
MS Sheet SWG 12

Chassis Frame

Lower Channel
8` X 3`
8` X 3`
10` X 3`
Upper Channel
6` X 3`
6` X 3`
6` X 3`

Axle Size

Outer Dia
Wall Thickness


Tipping Device
Double acting heavy duty locally made Ram with mechanical linkage.
Tipping Angle
55 Degrees
Max Lift Time
10 Seconds at 1500-1789 rpm of Tractor Engine to its full height in empty condition.

Hydraulic kit For Trolley

Spool Valve
Imported from USA, Italy or U.K. Minimum Rod Dia. 20mm.
Selector Valve
Imported from USA, Italy or U.K. Minimum Rod Dia. 20mm.
Hyd. Hoses
Imported from above countries, the Crimping and Hoses should bear a pressure of 4000 psi. There should be no joint between two connections.

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Farm Trailer For Sale in Nigeria


Farm Trailer Tractor Implements


1. Tractor Compatibility
25-30 HP
40-50 HP
25 cms
2. Size
7.5′ x 5′ x 1.5′
11′ x 6.5′ x 2.25′
11′ x 7′ x 2.25′
3. Bed Sheet Guage
SWG 12
SWG 12
SWG 12
4. Side Sheet Guage
SWG 12
SWG 12
SWG 12
5. Axle Size
4-1/2″ x 3/8″
4-1/2″ x 3/8″
4-1/2″ x 3/8″
6. Frame Channel Size
7″ x 3″
7″ x 3″
7″ x 3″
7. Tyre Size
7.50 x 10
9.00-16 or 8.25-20
8.25 x 20
8. No. of Tyres
9. Weight (without load)
700 kg
1000 kg
1400 kg
10. Lift Capacity
3-1/2 ton
5 ton
8 ton

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Border Disk for Sale in Nigeria

Border Disk


Border Disk Tractor Implements

A tractor mounted implement ideal for your farm to make

  1. Field Boundaries
  2. Temporary irrigation ridges
  3. Levies for Checking Soild and Water Erosion


1. Disc Size 26” diameter
2. HP requirement: Above 50 HP
3. Disc Angle tilt adjustable
4. Border width adjustable
5. Suitable for all tractors with 3 point linkages
6. Heavy duty tubular Square Section tool bar can make up to 18” high boundary

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Bed Shape Planter for Sale in Nigeria

Bed Shape Planter

1. It performs four function at a time, i.e., marketing beds, furrow, applying seeds and spreading fertilizer.

2. It forms two beds and three furrows in single operation.

3. It Performs better weed control.

4. It forms flat bed to address salt stress.

5. It provides better water management and fertilizer use efficiency.

6. It is provided with placer wheel fir the Placement of seed of proper depth.

.Bed-Shape-Planter - Tractor Implement


Frame 50x 50x 6 mm Ms Box and 6mm M.S Plate
Mast 50x 12 mm and 38X 12 mm M.S Plate
Hitch 75x 36x 6 mm M.S box
Tine 50x 20 mm M.S Plate 760 mm long & shank ok 50x 20 M.S flat
Wings 330x 330 mm of 4 mm M.S sheet, adjustable
Length 1520 mm
Height 2240 mm
Width 2240 mm
Tyre Size Approx. Weight 470 kg

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Agricultural Loader For Sale

Agricultural LoaderAgriculture Loader Tractor Implements


Tractor Compatibility For MF-375 MF-385
Bucket Type Closed each Bucket with Digging Teeth
Bucket Volume 1 Cubic Meter 0.5 Cubic Meter
Lifting Time
3-6 Seconds
Max. Lift Capacity 1,000 Kg 750 Kg
Operation Hydraulic Hydraulic
Lift Height at Pivot Point (10’ – 6″) 3 meter (9` – 6″) 2.9 meter
Lift Ram 2, Double Acting
Bucket Ram Single, Double Acting

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Potato Planter for Sale

Potato Planter

Potato Planter Tractor Implements

1)Adjustable depth and planting spacing as desired by farmer.2)No additional labor is required by placing missed seeds in cups in automatic planter. Time and labor saving as compared to traditional method.3)It sows in rows.4)Easy  to operate and maintain.


Two Rows

Four Rows

Horse Power Required 50 hp & above 85 hp & above
Seed Capacity 240 kg 600 kg
Fertilizer Box 150 kg 300 kg
Distribution Through Silver Aluminum 4 Nos. 8 Nos.
Fluted Wheel
Adjustment Through Adjuster
Distribution System
Speed 1 1440 kg 2800 kg
Speed 2 1680 kg 3360 kg
Speed 3 1920 kg 3840 kg
Seed Rate Gear Box
Double Conveyer System Seed Holder 96 Nos. Cups 192 Nos. Cups
Line to Line Distance 28, 29, 30, inches 28, 29, 30, inches
Seed to Seed Spacing 6 inches 6 inches

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Boom Sprayer for Sale in Nigeria

Boom Sprayer
Boom Sprayer - Tractor Implements


Boom Sprayer is the most frequently used agricultural implement in African countries.


Horse Power 50 hp & above
Boom Width 33, 43, 48, 53, feet
Spray Width 35, 45, 50, 55 feet
Spray Tank Fiber Glass
Tank Capacity 500/600 liters with Agitator
Pressure control system diaphragm pressure control chest with glycerin
filled gauge.
Main frame Made of MS pipe
Boom frame Made of MS pipe
Spray pipes S.S pipes
Nozzle tips filter Tips With Anti Drip
Pump 3 plungers
Plunger Size 42 mm
Discharge rate 90 liter per minute
Strainers 1 Tank Mouth Filter 1 Tank bottom Filter 3 Extra Filters on supply lines
Pipes High Pressure Rubber Pipes
Pipe High Pressure Nylon Synthetic
Drive P.T.O Driven

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Buy Brand New Massey Ferguson MF-260 Tractors for Nigeria.

Car Junction, Japan based Dealer and Exporter of Agricultural Tractors and Implements. We have a range of Massey Ferguson Tractors from 50 hp to 105 hp for Nigerian customers.

Buy New Massey Ferguson MF 260, 60 HP, 2WD tractor is available for Nigerian Customers at very competitive price. These type of tractors are very much common among Local users just because of their long lasting and a smaller amount of maintenance work required.

Massey Ferguson MF 260
Used Massey Ferguson
Brand New MF 60 Hp Tractor for Sale
New Massey Ferguson
Massey Ferguson Tractors
Massey Ferguson Tractor for Nigeria

Contact us for more details about this MF-260 Tractor.

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