Wheat Thresher for Sale in Nigeria

Wheat Thresher

Wheat Thresher  Tractor Implements

Wheat thresher is suitable for threshing wheat crop and is highly popular. it is basically a chaff cutter type thresher and has high capacity 45hp tractor and 30hp electric motor is required to operate wheat thresher.


Threshing System: Axial Flow
Cleaning system: Certifugal Blower

Performance Parameters:

No. of Cutters 104-128
Height with Wheel 6 feet
Length of Drum 4.5 – 5.5 feet
Width of Drum 48`
No of PULLY 8
No of Belts 18
Big Wheel two 32“
Small Wheel One 25“
Overall Length 12 feet
Overall Width 5 feet
Overall Height 6 feet
Cleaning Efficiency: 99%
Grain Breakage: Almost Nil
Power Requirement: 45 HP Tractor
Labour Requirement: Four Persons
PTO Speed: 540 RPM.
Fuel Consumption: 7 – 7.5 Liter/hr

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Tractor Implements – Seed Drill For Sale

Seed Drill


Number of Rows 9 11 13 15
Row Spacing (adjustable) 4″-6″
Depth of sowing (adjustable) 0″-6″
Seed metering Flutted
Mechanism Wheel (Plastic)
Seed rate Adjustable
Seed Hopper Capacity 80 ltr 100 ltr
Furrow Openers Single Shoe
Field Capacity (Acres/Hrs.) 4 5 6 7
Tractor Compatibility (H.P.) 30-45 45-55 50-60 60-85

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Tractor Implements – Maize Sheller for Sale

Maize Sheller

Maize Sheller Tractor Implements

Does not break the seat and eject out all the wastage. The Material, used and movable parts are of high quality. Before using the machine please check the nut and bolts and ensure that the machine is equally balanced.
Main Frame M.S. Angle Bar & Channel
Shelling Drum Iron Sheet & M.S. Round
Shaft M.S. Steel
Belts V-belts
Other materials M.S. round & stripe bars


Power Source 30-70 HP tractor
Shelling Capacity 1500 – 1600 Kg/hr. (average)
No. of Blowers 1
Type Tractor Hydraulic Mounted
Driven P.T.O shaft Driven
Overall length 51 inches
Overall height 63 inches
Overall width 59 inches

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Front Blade for Sale in Nigeria

Front Blade


Front Blade Tractor Implements


1. Power dozer to fit MF-240, 260, 375, 385 tractors
2. Blade Model MT-08/1 = 6` x 22″ – (Single ram)
3. Cutting Edge 152mm (6″) x 12.7mm (1/2″) section high carbon alloy steel reversible and replaceable.
4. Hydraulic Ram Heavy duty, double acting
5. Control Valve Open center double acting spool valve
6. Blade Movement Maximum lift 533 mm (21″). Maximum depth below ground 102mm (4″).

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Tractor Implements – Cotton Ridger for Sale

Cotton Ridger (Multi Purpose)Cotton Ridger Tractor Implements

1) Adjustable depth and planting spacing as desired by farmer.
2) No additional labor is required by placing missed seeds in cups in automatic planter. Time and labor saving as compared to traditional method.
3) It sows in rows.
4) Easy  to operate and maintain


Power Source 60-70 HP Tractors.
No. of Tines 9 Nos.
Type Hydraulic
Provision for Adjustment A. Tines DepthB. Row Spacing
Overall Length 90 inches
Overall Height 43 inches
Overall Width 36 inches
Overall Length (max) 80 inches

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