Sub Sylier for Sale in Nigeria

Sub Sylier for Sale

Sub Syler Tractor Implements for sale

Car Junction Offers top quality Sub Sylier and other tractor implements at lowest possible price. All of our agricultural implements stock is available in Africa like South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Uganda and other key countries so you will not need to wait for shipment.


1. Model OTI-01/S
2. Linkage Category 1/2
3. Frame Heavy Duty Steel Channel
4. Width of Hal 31” (78 cm)
5. Height of Hal 49.5” (126 cm)
6. Length of Hal 30” (76 cm)
7. Numbers of Blade 1
8. Weight 110 kg
9. Working Depth 21” (53 cm)

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